Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Haven't Posted in forever (this is why)

So I don't think I'll ever keep this up to date, working takes a lot of time!

My current project is God of War (I even worked on this stage demo!):

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Long time no-post!

Welp, it's been a while and I haven't been actively posting like I used to! But I am currently working at Ready at Dawn Studios on the Order 1886, which is an absolute dream to work for! This game is looking insane and I'm happy to be a part of it. I am an environment artist on the game currently.

Check out a trailer:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kat Survivor (UPDATED VIDEO)

Also, I have an updated turn-table of my previous game character Kat! This is a nicer quality render in Marmoset 2 and I cleaned up a bunch of aspects:
Kat Survivor (Game Character) from Lucas Sparks on Vimeo.
(It is a bit too fast atm. Going to put together a slower version soon!)

Hope you enjoy it! Thank you :)

Abandoned Carousel (UDK Edition!)

So here is my most recent update on my Abandoned Carousel environment NOW in beautiful UDK engine quality. Here is a shot of it in real-time (tiledshot during gameplay):
And here is a video I put together of it running in UDK (I'll probably make a more fleshed out video later):
Abandoned Carousel (UDK Game Environment) from Lucas Sparks on Vimeo.

And as a bonus, here is an alternate horse texture I painted as well as my deer (he is a cutie):

Thanks for checking it out! Feel free to ask me any questions or send me any comments!
Also my new website is up: 


Monday, January 6, 2014


So I now have a website to consolidate all my pieces into one easier to access place. It's still a WIP and some aspects aren't finished yet, but it is good to have for now! Please check it out!

Abandoned Carousel (Marmoset Render)

Here is a Marmoset render of my Abandoned Carousel (all aspects done by me):

UDK Engine render to be done soon!

This was created in Maya and sculpted in Zbrush. The textures were painted between mudbox and photoshop and relies on cards for the fence/vines. There are more animal types that have yet to be placed, so I look forward to completing this soon!

It is around 25k tri's and uses a few 2k texture sheets (normal, diffuse, spec, gloss, some height)

Thanks for checking!
- Lucas Sparks

Kat Survivor (UPDATE!)

Here is an updated version of my older game character Kat:

Her textures were more refined and added an extra layer of detail. Still working on her and will have a new turntable soon! Thanks! She's 20k tri's and uses three 2k texture maps

Abandoned Carousel Project (Concept)

Here is a concept I chose for my new Environment:
It's a concept for the upcoming DLC of the Last of Us (by Naughtydog) and I just loved the mood and story it tells in such a serene way. It also is a nice challenge between organic and hardsurface that I thought would be interesting to tackle.

The final piece will be in UDK, but the carousel will first be assembled for Marmoset.